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MEMENTO MORI (CD OFFICIAL album with extra contents)

Image of MEMENTO MORI (CD OFFICIAL album with extra contents)

22.98 - On Sale

Original and official printed version of the album "MEMENTO MORI".


🖤It includes a booklet of 20 colored pages with incredibly beautiful artworks in horror atmospheres, a perfect balance between the beauty and the creepy.

🖤It also includes a CD with the 13 songs of the album (56 minutes of goth music) , written, recorded, mixed and produced by Gabriel Cyphre during the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, 2 of them are"Of Flesh and Agony", and "Lightless Glory".

🖤This physical copy also includes extra contents, such as:

🎀 2 songs, and one of them is exclusively obtainable ONLY from this CD, it is titled "Nephilim Misericordiae et Spes".
🎀Unreleased pictures.
🎀Documents of real facts about Gabriel's biography.
🎀Documents of revealed secrets about songs and the previous albums.

All the extra contents are obtainable by opening the CD from a Computer, and writing down 10 secret passwords. Each of them are not too hard to realize.

Purchasing this Album is the best way to support my music and all the hard works i do. It took me almost 3 years to complete this album made with all my heart, if you have possibility, i'd be happy if you consider buying it for you and your friends that like goth music.
Music like mine is extremely rare to be found nowdays, because it's music made with heart by an indipendent artist, 100% self produced in my own studio! Usually there are never less than 5 people working on an album, but I did all the works alone, with my creativity, skills, experiences and talents. 💕

Please, also note: the copies of my physical albums have never been available in physical stores, this means there aren't million copies to be sold, and once they're gone, they'll be gone forever. Unless there's an extremely big request, then the album goes to be re-printed, but in that case there's written on the back of the cover and on the CD that is a "re-printed" version, and that means that when the artist dies, that CD doesn't have a great monetary value compared to the first-printed version of the album. It's important that you know this.

For every questions, feel free to drop me a message on Gabriel Cyphre's official facebook page, or instagram page at @gabrielcyphre .

Please, also note: if you're about to message me, just go straight to the point, do not just say "hi". I have to ignore most of the short messages because most of them are coming from spamming accounts and not from real fans. Thank you for your kind understanding.

'Love is the Bridge to Everything'🌹

"MEMENTO MORI" ©2018, physical copies exclusively available on this store!