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Download your favorite songs in digital version.
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Currently available albums and singles:

❤"Collection of SINGLES", includes:
-Beauty Criminal (single released in 2011)
-Mr Dangerous (single released in 2011)
-Borderline (single released in 2012)
-The Slenderman Song (single released in 2013)
-Children of Madness (single released in 2013)
-The Creeper (single released in 2015)
-Vintage Vengeance (single released in 2015)

❤"Master of Madness" (album released in 2013) includes:
Borderline, I'm a Big Sick Star, Hysteria, In Love With a Monster, Master of Madness, Lesbicalien, Now or Never, This Is My Wonderland, Loverdose, Death in Vogue, Beauty Victim, UndeCyphre-able C0D3, When Love Meets Horror, Dancing With My Heart, Tick Tock-Sick, Borderline (Unplugged)

❤"Rainbow on the Fallen Skylands" (album released in 2014) includes:
Cradle of Life, The Bringer of Rainbow, Broken Wings, Six Feet Underground, Black Storm, Become as One, Horizon of Blood, Paradise Spring Perfume, Deliver Me from Pain, Venom, Murder of Dreams, No One Can Save Me, Fallen Skylands, Frozen Heart, We Are Endless, Vale of Tears

❤"Rainbow on the fallen Skylands Vol 2" (EP released in 2014) includes:
Become as One, The Bringer of Storm, Deliver Me from Pain, Flamingo, Teardrop of Infinity, Become as One (Unplugged), Deliver Me from Pain (Unplugged), Become as One (Video version)

❤"Creepypasta" (album released in 2016) includes:
Hypno's Lullaby, Edward Mordrake's Agony, Jeff The Killer Smiles Forever, Laughing Jack In A Box, Bloody Mary Prayer, White Ender Curse, Lavender Town Syndrome, Anti Human (The Russian Sleep Experiment), The Rake, Fear Named Bathory, The Slender Man Song, Windigo Is in Me, Go To Sleep

❤"Collector's pack" (worths 40,95€) includes:
Every songs, singles , EPs and albums listed above here. It's a huge load of nostalgia! :)