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MASTER OF MADNESS (CD OFFICIAL album with Borderline)

Image of MASTER OF MADNESS (CD OFFICIAL album with Borderline)


(availability ONLY for 3 hours at week)

Few copies left, that's the reason why this item is available to buy only for 3 hours at week.

Original and official printed version of the album "Master of Madness" (2013). It includes a booklet of 12 colored pages, a CD with the 16 songs of the album.
It includes the most known "Borderline", "Tik Tok-Sick", "Dancing with my Heart" and "I'm a Big Sick Star".

*Please note*
You can only get one of this item.
If you are lucky enough to see this item available online, do not buy more than one copy, let the possibility to get this album also to other people like you that feels nostalgic and want it as much as you. There are only few copies left, and this is the only way to make sure that only the biggest fans of this album have the possibility to have it.

Thank you for your kind understanding, and good luck!

Sold Out